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Lasorda Tribute Hat - Team USA Edition

Lasorda Tribute Hat - Team USA Edition

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Honor the spirit of a legendary skipper with the Tommy Lasorda Tribute Hat.

This Team USA Edition cap pays homage to Lasorda’s triumphant coaching in the 1990 Olympics, leading the team to gold.

Reimagined from the Team USA crest worn in remembrance after his passing, this hat embodies the pride and glory of Lasorda's leadership. It's crafted with a premium blend of polyester and cotton, featuring an intricately embroidered crest, a classic snapback design, and a light grey underbrim. Wear it not just as a cap, but as a capstone of American baseball heritage, celebrating Lasorda's golden legacy. 

- 65% Polyester. 35% Combed Cotton

- Embroidered graphic on front

- Light Grey under brim

- Snapback Enclosure

**Pre-order Item. Expected to ship the week of December 11th**

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